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Tom Salutz

Chief Executive Officer

DataCo Solutions

85 W. Algonquin Road Suite 360 Arlington Heights IL 60005 US
(847) 290 0636 X233

We SolVE all types of problems:

INTELLIGENT Analytic BASED Strategies & solutions : Uniquely Developed to your Business

We Help all types of Companies:

We Analyze all types of Data:

Big, Small, Disparate, Financial, Operational

Web, Brick and Mortar, Direct Marketing

Customer, Market, Sales, Service

Social, Demographic, Geographic

What our Clients say about us

Data & Fact Based = Intelligent Analysis = Actionable Strategies & Solutions

It's what we do and how we do it, that our clients tell us they like most about us.


It may sound simple, but data, facts and unbiased, business oriented, analytics is what allows us to provide clear, concise, intelligent insights that drive our clients business strategies.


Working collaboratively, armed with these new insights, our account teams and our clients, develop strategies and solutions that not only ensure success, but also ensure that the results are measurable, repeatable and sustainable.


Doing this for over 20 years, we learned long ago that we don't just work for our clients, we work with them. Its the only way we have found to be 100% certain, that our strategies and solutions will not only be a success, but will also work within our client's timeframe, resources and budget.

Small, Medium and Large

Public, Private, Non Profit, Associations

Financial Services, Retail, Insurance

B2B and B2C

"finding Meaning from the pieces"

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