About DataCo Solutions

At DataCo, our mission is to empower marketing teams with the insights and solutions they need to leverage data for dynamic, personalized communications at scale.

Our team is comprised of senior level business professionals with extensive experience in the following areas:

Strategy, planning and business development

Marketing, sales and account management

Finance, accounting and financial analysis

Statistics, mathematics and predictive analytics

By combining our knowledge and expertise with an intense analytic methodology, we are able to effectively facilitate business decision-making, structure data to gain insight, create business intelligence tools and integrate insights into business practices.

Our Approach: PEAQ Method

Our proprietary PEAQ (Predictive Empirical Analytical Quantifiable) methodology provides our customers with the data and deep insights that add clarity to their business and marketing strategy. Here’s how it works:


We use predictive analytics to proactively anticipate needs and challenges


We help customers move beyond theories and hunches by providing factual, observable data to guide decision-making


Beyond providing data, we take a methodical approach to analysis in order to answer the question of “What do we do with this data?”


We ensure all success metrics are clearly identified, tracked and measured

Every PEAQ-based insight and clarity solution is different because it’s built from your data and to help with your unique business challenges, but the objective is the same: increased revenue opportunities, reduced complexity and more predictable results. To learn how we can use this approach to optimize your marketing, get in touch below.


Our Capabilities

DataCo brings vast experience in a number of methodologies and practices related to data and personalization. Our capabilities include but are not limited to the list below; if you have a request that you don’t see here, get in touch and we’ll let you know if we can help.

  • Data visualization

  • Big data

  • Predictive modeling/predictive analytics

  • Artificial intelligence

  • Machine learning

  • Advanced analytics

  • Natural language processing and text analytics

  • Clustering analysis

  • Classification analysis

  • Regression analysis

  • Correlation analysis