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Customer Profiling Solution

Insight on your customers – for new business generation and existing business retention

Your organization has more data on your customers than you’ve ever had before. Using that data to sharpen both your lead acquisition and customer retention might seem like a challenge.

With DataCo’s “RipRock” profile platform, we’ve made the process much easier. Simply upload your customer data and you can quickly identify lead acquisition and customer retention opportunities.

Profiling Customers

Snap Shot Insights

Statistical overview of your current customers refines your lead generation parameters

Geographic density of your current customer base highlights penetration opportunities

Leverage the profile insights to identify customer “next products” offers

Interested in learning more about your customers?

Click the link below and we will walk you through how to securely upload your customer data. Within seconds, you’ll see the insights your customer file contains.

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NOTE: DataCo follows the strictest security protocols to ensure your data is secure at all times. We are a PCI Level 1 service provider and are GDPR and HIPAA compliant.