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We provide the tools, data, analysis and solutions marketers need to attract, retain and engage customers.

attract, retain and engage customers

Let’s put your data to work.

You get that data is critical to building and retaining an engaged, loyal customer base. But to uncover insights that actually inform your strategy, you need to be empowered with not just the “what” and the “why” – but also the “how to solve.” ​

DataCo delivers actionable solutions and analysis tied directly to your brand strategy – from predictive modeling that helps you focus on the most important expansion opportunities, to automated personalized video that re-engages your customers.

How We Help


Reduce churn and proactively retain your customers by leveraging predictive modeling, customer profiling, segmentation and performance management tools.

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Focus and personalize your new business initiatives through lead profiling, lead segmentation and lead generation using our personalized Data Enabled Video (DEV) email solution.

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Drive customer engagement, satisfaction and loyalty with the power of DEV’s one-to-one personalization video capability to keep your brand top of mind.

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