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Lead Acquisition Services

Insight-driven solutions for new business generation

lead acquisition services

While organizations today have access to more data than ever, using that data to inform strategic lead acquisition decisions remains a common challenge. Without clear direction from data, budgets can be misallocated, engagement suffers and new business targets are missed.

DataCo’s lead acquisition services provides marketers with the data-backed insights, clarity and confidence to identify optimal lead opportunities and deliver personalized communications that drive new business.

Lead Profiling

Organize and prioritize leads

  • Align your offers to the leads most likely to convert
  • Personalize your messages for individual needs and challenges
  • Leverage insights from your data, to identify and convert qualified prospects into customers

Lead Segmentation

Develop laser-focused campaigns

  • Remove the need for costly “spray-and-pray” campaigns
  • Pinpoint opportunities to dedicate marketing resources for maximum return
  • Uncover new areas for lead acquisition based on segments such as behavior, lifestyle, demographics and more

Lead Generation Video

Stand out from competitors and engage leads with DEV personalized video

  • Break through the campaign clutter with one-to-one video at enterprise scale
  • Deliver memorable, relevant messaging by combining data with visual storytelling
  • Initiate brand interest by delivering a human touch to communications

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