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Customer Retention Services

Leverage data to improve customer retention and loyalty

customer retention services

The DataCo Way

Understanding your customers’ unique needs — and not only meeting but exceeding their expectations — have become table stakes in today’s competitive marketplace. Empowered with technology and ever increasing choices, any dissatisfying event can motivate your customers to take their business elsewhere in search of a better experience.

With DataCo’s customer retention services, you have the tools necessary to unlock the insights in your customer data and deliver a highly personalized and satisfying customer experience.

Customer Profiling

Uncover, analyze and act with customer data

  • Better understand your customers from numerous data points
  • Analyze customer perception and interaction across your brand positioning
  • Tailor your service specifically to customer expectations

Customer Segmentation

Deliver a one-to-one personalized customer experience

  • Use all available data, from demographic and behavioral to other variables to focus on segments most responsible for your success
  • Generate insights and solutions by combining data from multiple systems such as Salesforce, Marketo, Eloqua, email and website platforms
  • Measure your success using multiple key metrics
  • Decrease fatigue by providing customers with only relevant offers and communications
  • Improve customer satisfaction, retention and profitability

Predictive Modeling

Anticipate and address changing customer needs

  • Predict key behaviors and preferences using customer data analytics
  • Prioritize retention and re-engagement efforts based on identified changes in needs
  • Communicate the right message to the right customers at the right time – before your competitors do

Personalized Customer Video

Capture attention and foster brand excitement

  • Deliver unique, individualized communications to customers with our DEV data enabled video solution
  • Combine predictive analytics with one-to-one offer presentment to minimize churn and enhance the customer experience BEFORE your customers become “at-risk” customers
  • Build brand trust and transparency, and make it easier and more satisfying for customers to engage with your brand

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