Each of the solutions outlined were constructed using our PEAQ methodology.

The titles illustrate our focus on the unique challenge faced by each customer. 

Customer Fatigue and Engagement

Everyone talks about Customer Satisfaction ...

We dig deeper ...identifying and measuring both the "Good"  -  Customer Engagement AND the "Not So Good" -  Customer Fatigue

We have developed a solution for identifying and measuring Customer behaviors that indicate If, How Much and Why....your customers are becoming "fatigued" with your message, offer, brand etc. AND OR becoming "engaged" with your message, offer, brand, etc.

Clients who have us build a solution like this have been able to not only identify and measure their customers engagement and or fatigue, but more importantly....are able to Attribute which marketing strategies and tactics are impacting fatigue AND OR engagement.

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Managing Multiple Customer Touchpoints

Everything about your business is great...your customers are engaged, sales and profits are up...all is good

So why then are you feeling so much stress?   Why does it feel like your marketing has become more complicated?

Short answer?  It is more complex and it can be more stressful

We work with some very successful clients.. BUT...their time and resources continue to challenge

Building solutions for very successful clients, we have found the number one issue they face is how to OPTIMIZE their time and resources and still deliver on their goals and objectives.

Clients who we work with to build a marketing solution like this, find that managing multiple channels, customer segments, offers etc. is infinitely less stressful on their organization. By using our empirically derived solution, the complex is more understandable and the results more predictable. 

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managing to customer engagement

Occasionally clients come to us having already identified engagement and fatigue in their business...

This is a necessary first step....as we talked about above..

However, as those clients will tell you....or should we say, as they ask us..."Now what do I do" ?

What we have found, and developed solutions to address this question, is that "What do I do? is UNIQUE...

Unique to every business, their customers and their marketing capabilities, BUT...actually begs a question that most of our clients weren't asking....til now....and that is..."What Have I BEEN Doing?"

By working with our clients on what they HAVE BEEN DOING...we have been able to develop solutions that allow them to proactively (before fatique sets in) manage their customers to engagement.

Clients who have us build a solution like this have been able to stem fatigue rates and increase engagement, in a preventative manner and therefore, avoid engagement and fatigue from become critical conditions. 

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